12 in 2012 Progress Report

Well I crossed another thing off my list today so I thought I would post an update to keep my self accountable. 2012 has been going by like crazy! There hasn't been the down time I was planning, but it's been full of fun and adventure! Wedding season is just around the corner and I'm looking forward to all my beautiful and creative couples!

1. Lose my baby weight within 12 weeks (was able to do this with Sawyer- fingers crossed)  
2. Do an inspiration wedding shoot  
3. Attend a photography workshop/mentor session
4. Take a vacation 
5. Be better about my paperwork, each month end to save me from December (Failing horrifically)
6. Update my prices/handouts for clients (I bought a sweet layout last year that has yet to be touched)
(Planned for 5.19.12) 7. Hike the Butte in Chelan bottom to top- gonna need Alissa on this one
8. Visit a beach with the fam
9. Throw an epic cocktail party for all the friends I've been owing a fiesta (Yeay to no more mocktails!)
(Getting close to being done!!!) 10. Create a new website
11. Plan a professional family shoot for our new and complete family
12. Launch my passion projects to the world ;)

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