New Years Resolutions! 12 in 2012

Yes it's not New Year's yet, but we've got lots on the books in the next few weeks. So I've decided that I have 12 personal and professional goals in 2012, and I'm sharing with all of you to increase my accountability! You can ask about progress at anytime ;) And I'll make sure to give status updates when I can check these off. And yes, these aren't insanely lofty goals like changing the world, but as I was talking with a colleague today, it's the little things for ourselves that we never make time for.

1. Lose my baby weight within 12 weeks (was able to do this with Sawyer- fingers crossed)
2. Do an inspiration wedding shoot
3. Attend a photography workshop/mentor session
4. Take a vacation
5. Be better about my paperwork, each month end to save me from December
6. Update my prices/handouts for clients (I bought a sweet layout last year that has yet to be touched)
7. Hike the Butte in Chelan bottom to top- gonna need Alissa on this one
8. Visit a beach with the fam
9. Throw an epic cocktail party for all the friends I've been owing a fiesta (Yeay to no more mocktails!)
10. Create a new website
11. Plan a professional family shoot for our new and complete family
12. Launch my passion projects to the world ;)

Happy 2011, it's been a great year!

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