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I've had a chance to reflect on this 2011 Wedding Season, and I have to say it just keeps getting better and better. Some people wonder why I would ever want to shoot weddings. It all goes back to my very first wedding. While trying to decide if I did move to Chelan (for my future husband) what I would actually like to do if I couldn't find a financial analyst job- in the resort town of 3,000 people. So I decided to buy my Canon 5D and try taking pictures, I had loved my high school photography class oh-so-many years prior. If I failed- at least I had a sweet camera.

My great friend Casey was getting married in Vegas and I decided I would tag along as an extra photographer. It was the moment when all of her other friends and family were seated waiting for her, that I got to witness the amazing tear-jerking private moment with just her and her dad before she walked down the aisle in the bridal chamber. That right there sealed the deal for me. Sure I had only had my camera for about 36 hours, I totally shot it all in auto mode, and my style has changed a lot in the years since. But it was that serious connection and emotion that make me so passionate about capturing those special moments in a real way. I still cry at father-daughter dances. And the cherry on top- people really liked my photos. So I made a website from my small portfolio of friends' weddings and people googled me from there. I've never advertised and am so thankful for all the kind words and referrals!

My favorite shot from Casey's wedding.
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It's only since I've become more seasoned that I realized I really enjoy being an ally and asset for the bride as well. This Summer I've re-decorated cupcake tables, cleared plates, instructed on how to cut the cake, loaned the bridal party my pashmina collection, and reorganized and run the timeline- just to name a few. Because I want the brides day to be perfect and for them to really relax and enjoy the day- it goes by so fast. I guess a lot of people ask what's important in a wedding photographer. Well besides really liking their photos and shooting style... you want to mesh well with their personality. They are literally the person you will see the most on your wedding day (from dressing with your bridesmaids and mom to dancing the night away). I've walked away from my weddings feeling like a best friend or a part of the family. You get to know everyone so well. You take care of them and they take care of you.

I am so looking forward to all the great families I will get to join in 2012. Thank you to all my new friends from 2011. And for Christy and Dan's Sneak Peek... Enjoy!

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