One in a Million | Jones Soda Label

How do you know when you've officially made it to the top... Jones Soda decides to use your photo on their label! Ok so maybe not, but I'm not sure if even Jasmine Star can claim this one. I had the most amazing shoot last year with a family here in Chelan. They entered their photo into consideration and out of over a million photos that they receive one of mine made it! My name is even on the bottle! Their family portrait session was a lot of fun, kids swinging around, getting thrown in the air, playing peak-a-boo... that's the style of shooting I love. I'm not a big fan of everyone matching exactly and looking so stiff in set poses.

I love seeing the life my photos take after they go home with the clients, and love that they think their photos are worthy of winning contests.

Please do go out on a limb and submit your photos- just make sure you get written permission prior to submission- and good luck!

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Jones Soda

And let me know if you see the Jones Soda:) I'll be keeping an eye out for it.

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