8th Grade Graduation Portraits | Portland, OR

I just got back from the quickest trip to Portland. I got to visit my "Martha Stewart Mom" and beautiful cousins. It was only yesterday I remember playing with Elisabeth as a baby and now she's stepping into high school. She's also gotten a huge dose of adulthood. I called my Aunt one day and she said, "I have cancer." I said "What?!?!" in total disbelief. It's been really hard to be so far away and not able to just fly down for a hug. But this weekend was amazing. While I was still scared and nervous at all that she had and was about to endure- she had the most confident peace. It's the kind of peace you only have once you've completely trusted in the Lord. And it was so evident that she was ready to face all the challenges with the most amazing amount of grace. She's going in for surgery Wednesday and we would love all the prayers you want to send her way.

Now for the beautiful Elisabeth... it's funny seeing someone completely grow up in front of your eyes. The amount of kindness and compassion this girl has will make this place better for us all. Good luck at Central next year!

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And because sometimes you just need to let your hair fly :)

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