Another year wiser...


Well it was a fast year, amazing things happened at 27, and we were BLESSED with lil Sawyer. Not much can top the emotions that I've experienced this year. But I'm looking forward to 28. For my business I know that this year I will be focused on refining.  I'm hoping to get a new site/blog, I got a snazzy new Kelly Moore bag for shooting, and I have some new products for branding to get this year started.  These first few years I've tried a lot of products, and I'm ready to purge all the stuff I bought and never used.  I'm so excited to start using my bag- that my awesome husband got me for my birfday- no more turtle backpack- and it's so easy to access, and to throw my entire second camera with 70-200 lens- it just may save my neck this Summer.  And I just wanted to share- I'm in love- highly addicted to Shellac(in the photo).  Try it ladies- it really doesn't chip at all- I will actually have some decent nails this Summer!

kelly moore camera bag,shellac

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