10 ten things to know for planning your wedding timeline

Ok, so I'm no expert or the authority on the matter, But I thought that I might share a few points for brides going thru their wedding, as I've been thru more weddings now that I ever thought I would.  I've seen the highs and the lows of a timeline working well, and places where it caused some issues.  This isn't the all inclusive list, but I didn't want to bore you with all the gritty details. This is just my two cents and is not true in every case- but hope it helps

*Sorry in advance- this is probably my wordiest post- but I did include photos

10.  Plan the formal family portraits (and let them know where and when).  I've heard a few stories of hurt feelings because of his/her family not being included or feeling like they get equal time.  Now that doesn't have to mean hundred's of photos.  Generally 1 large group photo of everyone, then 1 large photo of each side of the family, then the few immediate family photos if you want to be bare bones.  You can also waste a lot of time waiting for Aunt Bee to stop setting up and come join the rest of the group.
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9.  Don't Stress and bring backup! Timelines RARELY follow as planned.  Don't threaten your future mate because they are late- and yes gentlemen- it's usually you.  We can still get gorgeous portraits.  The light only gets softer.  And for backup-It never hurts to have a cute umbrella or two- the weather can change quickly and you may not even know the weather forecast till the last week.
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8.  Have the info! I can speak personally to this one, make sure someone has the numbers plugged into their phone or a list of all the vendors with their cell phones- and cell phones near.  My photographer went to the reception after portraits off site, and the entire immediate family, wedding party and bride and groom waited for an hour at the ceremony site with no way to contact him- needless to say we missed out on a lot of pictures- and food!
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7.  Practice your dress bustle!  It can take longer than you think if you have a complicated bustle.  You don't want to miss out because of tying up loose strings.
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6.  Your First Look! It can come before the ceremony if you want to go offsite to take your portraits without missing your party- or you can wait for that moment down the aisle.  We can make both work and beautiful.  And trust me, the first look before can be just as special- seeing each other privately with your own time to soak it all in or the anticipation of her turning the corner on the aisle.
Wedding first look,waiting for bride
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5.  Get your dress dirty!  We can photoshop any boo boo's.  I've had a number of brides so afraid of getting their dress dirty even after they walk down the aisle.  You only wear it once- be BOLD.  Someone will probably spill some wine on the bottom anyways.  And we'll get much more relaxed photos if you stop stressing.  Most times the dirt is underneath and no one even notices in the worst case.
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4.  Have a Plan B.  Yes- more than likely you will get behind schedule.  If you want to truly enjoy the day let the photographer and planner know beforehand if you want to add more photography time or push some of the reception events together.  That way your not having to be bothered during your party and feeling rushed.
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3.  Keep the reception moving! The older guests want to see you smash cake, but want to drive home before midnight.  The sooner you can get the toasts, first dances, tosses, and cake eating done- the sooner you can party with your guests.  It's hard when you do one thing- dance a few songs, wrangle people again, dance... You get the idea.

2. Have a wedding coordinator on the big day. If you can't afford a professional- recruit a friend or family member.  It's crucial to have someone who can wrangle people, remember to light the candles, and keep the party flowing- so you can get to more important things.

1.  Forget the timeline! It's your day enjoy it for what it is, and know that I will make sure we always get fabulous pictures- if they come before or after the originally scheduled mandated time.
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