Self Portrait | Chelan WA

So I needed a picture of me with my camera, and couldn't find one or anyone else to take a picture... so I grabbed my cameras and headed to my mom's vineyard (Mellisoni Vineyards- fabulous white wines) to shoot in the vineyard. I think this one captures it all. I always end up rolling around or army crawling on the ground- dirty and wet, and in total bliss. Giddy to be shooting with my cameras (and yes there are always 2 attached to me), and rushing home to see and share the photos. It's not about the "business" and trying to be the best photographer, getting published, or taking on every client irregardless of my limited free time. I really love to take portraits, it makes me happy- getting to be creative, getting to meet great new people and bringing out real smiles when I shoot. Ok time to stop reflecting and get back to that apple pie that just got out of the oven!

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