Erin & Garrett | Banjo Creek Farms | Manson, WA

They were a couple made in CPA heaven- who met in school before they both headed down the accountant road. Erin and Garrett are the most considerate and lovely couple, filled with grace and adorable nicknames- princess face (sorry your outed Garrett).

Erin and Garrett were flawless, and when we had a hiccup in our shooting plans, they were able to rally and the Peterson's graciously opened their home and let us up to shoot- thank you! Congratulations, and best wishes to your future and your family. And here are a few teaser images...

Bride veil photo

banjo creek farm,manson washington,chelan wedding portrait photography

banjo creek farm,chelan portrait photographer

chelan wedding photography

chelan wedding portrait photography

Erin bought fresh flowers from the market in Seattle and her Aunt did an amazing job, there were lovely flowers everywhere.

Bridal portrait

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owls,ring photo,banjo creek farm

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chelan wedding portrait photography

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Becky's cupcakes were a hit! There were a lot of amazing flavors, unfortunately Garrett had the arm reach over Erin and she didn't stand a chance- but they both had fun
chelan wedding cake photo
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