MEXICO!!! Glad to be home and in one piece...

Wow- what an adventure we had in Playa del Carmen! To catch you up, I just went to Mexico with my husband and dad for a little sun, fun, and life altering scuba diving.

Here's me being a goof at the Cenotes Caves.

We spent the first few days adapting to our surroundings and finding our dive shop for the week. And we met the great people at Abyss Dive shop.

Our first dive was scheduled for Monday. But since it was too windy for the boats to leave port, we went on a 2 tank dive at the Dos Ojos Cenote near Playa with Martin. I have pics and videos from a company that follows you in the caves.

Tyson and I exiting the caves


Mr T.

Here's my tank floating away... I might need that

And me Mugging for the camera

Dad Diving

Some Videos

The Next day we were able to go out with Federico in the open water to do the Tortuga dive and saw LOTS of Turtles. Then we did the Baracuda dive, which was a reef dive by Xel-Ha. We saw a lot of Eels and fish, pretty cool.

That night we went out to dinner and met up with the Chicken man. Earlier in the week this man that stands like a statue in full feathers, then jumps and flaps open his wings to scare tourists and take pictures, Scared the Yohoo out of me. So we decided some payback was in order.

I gave him a little "love tap" and he clucked :)

Then we did a little shaking of the tail feathers... needless to say he remembered me the next day when we walked by.


Then Wednesday, Federico talked us into one more dive... The most intense dive of them all- The Shark Dive. So Katie- our dive master gave us the plan. It sounded innocent, dive straight down, then we'll swim into the sharks. (ok maybe not innocent) But we start our decent and we realize we're coming down on top of a dozen circling man eating sharks. And of course Tyson dropped faster than the group and ended up waiting on the bottom 40 feet away in the fetal position waiting to swim to the group. Then the 5 of us are laying on the ocean floor watching sharks come within meer feet of us. Meanwhile Tyson's getting his leg knibbled on by the bottom sucking fish that attach to the sharks. So as our time and air is nearing it's end, we start army crawling up a bank, only to be followed by the sharks. And I watched one come head-on within 6 feet only to turn away at the last moment! It's an image burned in my mind. We did our safety stops and I was the first one in the boat! We dove ~85 Feet down, so I didn't have a camera, but there is YouTube video from another dive shop- the Phantom Divers, that I linked to to experience a taste of the bull sharks. These divers a way crazier than us tho, and even feed the sharks, but had weapons, we had a 100 pound blonde dive master.

And of course there are more stories of armed Mexican police at our hotel room, but those stories need to be earned with a drink.

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mark said...

My wife and I went snorkeling in some of those caves. It was incredible! I can not imagine what it's like scuba diving in them. It must be a blast! Nice Blog!


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