Libby's Maternity Shoot on the Butte in Chelan

So I'm a rookie to Chelan still, but discovered some amazing places to shoot, so drug my friend Libby out to take some maternity pictures... I don't have too much time before my trip, so I just posted a few. She also was gracious enough to take a few of me, so I'll finally be able to update my website with a about me section once I have spare time, thanks love!

We saw this sign and could NOT resist... Don't go there with a pregnant lady!






Brandi said...

Beautiful shots! The first one is hilarious and I love the one with the hat. Pretty mom-to-be!

And you are a hottie, Jacquelynn!!

Zak Schwank said...

Awesome stuff! The hat one is my favorite...great shot! Jacquelynn...are you a model as well? :)

Jamie Burnett said...

Ohhh... I love the one with the hat. So timeless.

Mark W. said...

Great shots. I love the old truck too!

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